Why does the competition get so much traffic on their website? Take a closer look and ask yourself what engages your attention, as though you were a customer – that’s what I do. When you see a website through the eyes of a target audience, it’s easier to pick out the highlights. Now all you have to do is to apply those to your page while remaining original and true to your company’s purpose and goals. As your Edmonton SEO Guy, I can design the best site for your company from scratch, redesign an existing page, create the entire thing, or work with your ideas. Give me a call at (587) 402-1142 if you want a proposal for your website!

Focused Front Page

The first thing a person sees when they open your website should be a quick overview of your business. This is the landing page. A viewer should be able to tell right away that you sell organic dog food, provide shipping services, or handle off-site clerical work on a contractual basis. Whatever your focus is should be clear from the start because you only have seconds to grab a viewer’s attention.

Small Bites

Consequently, page one cannot tell the whole story but should be tidy and confident. Behave as though you know viewers will click on the sidebar listings or top-page headings to find out about products and pricing. Let them decide what they want to know first based on an excellent first impression.

Organized Information

Viewers should never have to hunt for information: instead it should be presented to them on a platter. That could be an email address, link to Google Maps, a page of reviews, or an “about us” section where potential clients learn a company’s history. Clients who have to search are likely to lose interest and choose another website instead. Text and photos should line up, which could sound like an obvious point, but a cheap job looks cheap. There are lots of examples online where items don’t line up properly.

Attractive Graphics
colored-pencils-374146_1280-770x513While information should be presented in a tidy fashion and easy to find, that doesn’t mean the website has to be boring. Ask about color schemes, interactive graphics, and more. Clients can click on icons for more information or they can hover over them at which time the link expands without opening. This catches the reader off-guard and potentially entertains her if, when it expands, the icon also changes. Some cool ideas that I, as the Edmonton SEO Guy might incorporate might be – as an example of a website, say, for a  nursery, might be to post links inside of images of flowers which open. Pet food stores can position icons on images of animals whose eyes and mouths open wide when the mouse glides over them.

Multi-Media Methods

Use any media at your disposal to entice viewers with varied learning/shopping styles. Insert video tutorials, post a time-lapse presentation of past work shot, and include a lot of high-resolution graphics. Make sure audio and visual quality is top-notch.

Connect with a Mobile Society

Your audience probably uses a mobile phone to browse the internet, so create content that transfers well to portable screens Again, this is something I can help you with, and it’s not even “just a good idea” anymore since Google is clamping down on sites that are not mobile friendly. The landing page should contain a link to your mobile-friendly site where consumers can read about and even purchase products using Apple or Android technology. Make yourself as accessible as possible.

Solid Security System

One of the top reasons consumers prefer not to shop online is that they feel unsafe giving credit card details over the worldwide web. Their fears might be based on uncertainty, having never done it before, or they had a bad experience where details were stolen. You can allay those fears. When I’m making a website, I use the best protection possible to reduce the chance of hacking and identity theft. Put your customers’ minds at ease so they will make those online purchases without too much hesitation. Moreover, give them another choice: PayPal. Although the PayPal option takes clients off-site, there are many consumers who feel safer shopping this way. Even if you feel certain your website is safe, cater to the worries of a less web-savvy audience because this could increase your revenue.

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