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Videos Are Now More Important Than Ever For SEO: Here’s Why

Search engine optimization has evolved in recent times. It is no longer limited to simple functions such as document listings and domain selections and now make use of complicated algorithms and the latest search engine filters to get results. One innovative method that has complimented SEO strategies is the introduction of videos to get traffic and expand your business.

There have been significant changes in Google’s SEO algorithms. No longer these algorithms are limited to a single aspect, but it takes many factors into considerations. Every business must understand these dynamics to implement proper SEO.

Google search engine algorithms determine how well the page will rank on the search engine.

The technical implementation of SEO is driven by the same methods. You need to design an easy and clean sitemaps. The rules to launch SEO system that the search engine crawlers can recognize is a technicality that most SEO officers understand well.

However, today SEO is driven by quality content, and it is difficult for low-quality content to get a rank on Google. Even if paid strategies of traffic generation, required keywords density is followed, the results are still poor if the content is poorly written or does not have the high-quality content SEO requires.

Today, SEO is more focused on engaging content to attract the visitors. Long gone are the days when shortcuts were used to rank on a search engine. There is no room for keyword stuffing, spamming techniques, and manipulation of back-end codes in the new search engine optimization methods.

Today, a single website content, blog, or a brief article can rank relevant keywords, not necessarily the only one you used for page optimization. SERP can get a good ranking and result in increase traffic by using the video-based content. Let’s discuss the video content strategy.

Any content must be of high quality as that is the prime requirement of modern SEO. However, it is important to understand that Google doesn’t check videos for SEO the way written content is read.

By the latest Cisco report, it is estimated that around 80% of web content will be video-based by the end of 2018. What are the implications?

It means that businesses have shifted their focus to media. Your company needs robust video content to compete with other companies on SEO implementation.

You are in luck as we will explain how to promote your video and rank higher on SERP ranking.Youtube is essential for SEO. People use their mobile phones more than ever.

1. YouTube’s Factor

When we think about SEO, we first consider the SERP ranking system on Google. However, SEO is the method to optimized any content to rank higher on any search engine. This optimization can be done through the content, within the domain of its placements, or through external actions.

YouTube can be used to create engaging content, develop a business channel, and utilize the comments section on someone else’s content to collect backlinks.

You should take full advantage of YouTube as a marketer

While your videos on YouTube will get audiences on your YouTube channel and a ranking on YouTube search engine, ultimately it will also increase your chances of getting higher Google SERP ranking.

So how should you set your videos? For starters select the appropriate keywords in the description area, metadata, and tags and title of the videos. This will make your content more visible and get you high exposure.

You should consider placing appropriate keywords in the title as this can help you rank first on Google’s SERP page. You should also make the description of the video no less than 200 words and use keywords throughout the description.

The Metadata must be context focus so your audience can discover it

No matter, the quality and value of your videos are the main components. Even if you follow all SEO strategies for your videos to rank on Google, it will still fail to get traffic if your videos are poorly made and are irrelevant for your audiences.

Getting SEO rankings through YouTube videos is not an overnight achievement, however, with proper videos and following strategies of Edmonton SEO, you will observe significant improvements in your search engine rankings.

These results come with time. For online marketing and promotion, a robust strategy of high-quality videos guarantees organic improvement.The Edmonton SEO Guy YouTube Channel

2. Video Viewership and Customers

The best way to enhance your brand and get a strong customer base is to make quality video content to promote your business.

From a business perspective, your video must deliver informative, resourceful and engaging content. If you cannot make a single sale from a sale video, then any such video is useless.

From Marcus Sheridan podcast on Social Media Marketing, he showed that creating an 80% video approach is a useful approach to gather the audience.

An 80% video approach is a strategy where the videos are focused on delivering 80% of the most common information the visitors may have for a product or service.

A “get to know us” video strategy is a way to introduce your business and service to the users and these videos are focused on the brand mission, vision and value statements.

One important consideration is the time spent by the visitor on your videos as Google use this information for SERP ranking.

Search engine views web content backed by videos to be more relevant, and rank those web pages with video content higher and by making good videos you will see improvements in your SERP ranking.

To understand this, you can upload a simple content on your website and observe the traffic. Introduce a video with the same content and then observe the difference in ranking and viewership. You will notice that the same content with video generates more traffic.Social media for videos is a great plan to rank on Google

3. Social Media Sharing

A high-quality video will get more viewers, and they are likely to share the video on social media, and you will get many visitors from social media sharing.

You must be able to identify your target market and their preferences before planning your videos. If you know your audience, it will be easier for you to make videos that can attract them. Understand what your video will be about. You are better off making funny videos if your audiences are people looking for fun, rather then present them with informative videos.

Social media presence and its acceptance is necessary to make your video content a success. Your video should be interesting to the viewer, so they watch the complete video and share it with their family and friends.

Think creatively and do something that will excite your visitors. A teaser video is a good idea that can be launched and later come up with a full video of your product or service.

Your published videos should also encourage users to leave feedback and reviews. This keeps the user engaged to your program, and they feel they are part of your videos through there opinion.

You should be consistent in uploading videos, so your audience stays interested in your content. Avoid long delays between videos as customers might move to other videos.

4. Increasing On-site User Conversions

SEO purpose is to engage the user and increase on-site conversions. Videos are the best medium to engage the user to click and subscribe and follow your content on your social media and websites.

5. Using Relevant Snippets

The search engine show pages on Google that are frequently upgraded through relevant snippets. These are more information other than the standard metadata. They’re used to give the visitors an idea what content will be delivered to them on the website. The snippets include your video title, a thumbnail, and few words descriptions of the video. These snippets are powerful to create the first impression of the videos and help in getting higher click-through rates.

All in all, the video content is just as important to your business as the written content. You cannot have average videos and get audiences. By looking around, you will find many online success stories of people who made excellent videos on Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat.

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