Edmonton Businesses: Why You Should Add SEO To Your Business Plan

I think this is an unfortunate dilemma. SEO can be truly beneficial to businesses when it comes to marketing. You will be able to bring in highly qualified leads who are sure to turn into customers. Studies show that SEO has a better return-on-investment than the more traditional marketing outlets of print and TV advertisements. Though it is not a magic fix, it is a great way to promote visibility of your company, develop credibility, gain insight about your customers’ behaviors, and incorporate branding and get more web traffic.

Business Visibility and Branding

When people look up your services and products, it is essential to show up high in the search engine rankings. There is more to it than getting these individuals to click on your website. You will see that there is value to being in the search results for the terms that directly relate to your company. This is because most people do not conduct a search once, click through to sites and never look at them again. There is more to the mindset of someone searching, including editing of search terms and looking on multiple websites for similar products and services.

What does all of this mean regarding your business? If you come up with the search results on a regular basis, you are going to be more visible to every potential customer. There is a high likelihood that they will someday click through to your site. The more you appear in their search results, the more likely they are going to put trust in you.

Credibility of Your Business

Searchers will take a mental note of rankings for various terms they look up on search engines. This might not be a conscious matter, but it happens anyway. Having a high ranking is a vote of confidence because the search engine has deemed your site to be relevant. It is just like when we used the Yellow Pages in the phone book. If you wanted to hire a plumber, chances are you would start at the beginning of the listing for “plumbing.” The fact that you have high a high search ranking gives you more credibility.

Getting Traffic to Your Site

Website traffic alone will not bring in the money to your business. It helps to think about it regarding location. Wouldn’t you rather have a storefront in Times Square, then be located on some little known back street? Someone “walking by” your site often is much more likely to become a customer than someone who has very little odds of even seeing it. Of course, you have to make every effort to attract them with graphics, text content and more. This is ideal for helping you to sell your products and services. Nearly everyone who enters your website will be a qualified lead, meaning they were looking for your type of business at the time they found you. They already need or want what your business has to offer.


ROI (Return-on-Investment) with Advertising

There are far more rewards for using SEO tactics than the more traditional advertising methods, both offline and on the Internet. The reason for this is that it is an inbound marketing strategy. You can market to individuals who are in search of what you offer. There is no interruption in their magazine or television show. You are available when they need you the most, and that tends to be a powerful draw. It is not necessary to do a great deal of pressuring. In fact, you only have to get them to see that they need what you provide. Half of the battle is won the first time they encounter you in search results.

Gaining Amazing Insight Into Your Customers

As I mentioned before, you are sure to gain valuable traffic by using SEO techniques. You will be able to track this through Google Analytics. This wonderful tool allows you to access metrics and data about your customers to help you further your business goals. This will tell you how they browse and search, what kind of language they use, where they live, when they are most active, and what type of technology they utilize. It is incredibly important to have these details because they provide you with the means to make informed choices about your business strategy. It does not matter if it is offline or online, you will have a clear advantage with the use of SEO.

It is in your best interest to learn what SEO keywords are going to help your business the most. Once you have this knowledge, you can move ahead and make great strides to get to the top of search engine rankings. Put in this effort at the beginning of your plan, and you are certain to see big results in the form of many new customers and an increase in sales and hiring for your business’ services.

If you have questions about how to get started, reach out to me, The Edmonton SEO Guy, at (587) 402-1142. I promise that we’ll get you ranking better than ever before.