Edmonton And The Best Attractions For Tourists

Alberta’s capital Edmonton spans the North Saskatchewan River banks in the middle of the region. Different economic factors, such as the early trade in fur, the Canadian National Railway, the gold rush of 1897, the Alaskan Highway, and gas and oil extraction have influenced the city. Edmonton has used its’ wealth to invest in culture and art, by constructing lovely museums and theaters. The city’s biggest achievement though is the mall in West Edmonton. This ranks among the world’s most impressive shopping and recreation centers. Shoppers still want to visit this mall, even when temperatures during the winter average minus fifteen degrees Celsius.

Below are the best attractions for tourists that our SEO Edmonton clients have recommended to us to share with you. For other ideas for what to do in Edmonton, visit our page on The 7 Best Things To Do In Edmonton.

West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton, Alberta (22106769475)

By GoToVan from Vancouver, Canada (West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton, Alberta) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The Museum of Royal Alberta

This Museum has a range of permanent natural history and cultural artifacts, along with constantly updated installations. Especially notable are the ice age and dinosaur fossils, the native fish aquaria, and the insects — which include some vast and exotic species. The cultural history teams in the museum explore the culture of Aborigines, with exhibits from First Nations like Cree and Blackfoot.

Beaver Hills and the National Park at Elk Island

The national park spans a woodland area with wetlands and lakes. This is home to several wildlife species, such as elk, moose, beaver, and deer. However, the park’s primary attraction is the big buffalo herd, which live over a unique enclosure. If you drive slowly through the road in the park, you will be able to see these giant, hairy, endearing creatures.

The Mall in West Edmonton

This mall is a renown attraction for tourists, being the biggest in Canada and among the biggest on the planet. As well as its’ countless restaurants and shops, the center has cinemas, a hotel, an ice rink, a large water park and lots more. Several of the Europa Boulevard shops use storefronts with a European design and bear the names of famous fashion designers. Live music and Creole food are available on Bourbon Street, which is an imitation of the well known New Orleans street. Galaxyland is another feature of the mall that draws crowds, being among the biggest indoor, covered amusement arcades on the planet. Many types of rides are offered, such as a rollercoaster with three loops.

The Village of Ukrainian Culture

Founded in the seventies on the highway at Yellowhead, this museum conserves the cultural artifacts of numerous immigrants from the Ukraine and Bukovina, who came to Alberta at the end of the nineteenth century. Different historical structures have been erected in the village, and the distinctive Ukrainian church dome can be seen from a long way away. There are lots of historical sights to visit, such as a market, a blacksmith, and a traditional grocery store.

Fort Edmonton Park (22675516091)

By IQRemix from Canada (Fort Edmonton Park) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The Park at Fort Edmonton

This open-air museum has historic buildings, painstakingly reconstructed to depict Edmonton’s historical evolution. Among the buildings are an 1846 fortress owned by the Hudson Bay Firm, a pioneer town street from 1885, the emerging 1905 provincial capital, along with various 1920s buildings. As far as the multiple types of old-fashioned transport go, horse-drawn wagons and steam trains are available to ride. There are local ecology and geology exhibits at the nearby John Janzen Nature Facility.

The Muttart Conservatory

The river of North Saskatchewan has four hothouses shaped like pyramids on its’ south bank. These contain some rare plant species. All the pyramids feature a unique environment, depicting various world biomes – from Fiji and Burma’s warm climate to the cooler pavilion, with its’ Australian eucalyptus and American redwoods. This conservatory is Edmonton’s leading horticultural center.

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